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SMEs and import-export: what to do in a complex market

The complexity of the post-pandemic economic environment in Europe and the rest of the world and the ongoing war in Ukraine are just two of the most significant elements shaping the import-export market today.

For SMEs, therefore, this is a time of sudden change and need for solutions to support financial needs, especially when these depend on international relationships.

That said, Italian companies have an innate ability to find solutions even in times of crisis and still have a strong drive to export, developing innovative production methods and identifying new target markets.

Solutions to support foreign relations

At a time of uncertainty and volatility of the market, it is undoubtedly important for SMEs forming or strengthening relations with foreign companies to form a clear idea about their production cycle and to carefully assess which tools can be used to achieve proper and effective management of their treasury.

Banca Ifis, in keeping with its strategy, is therefore providing client companies with a range of financial support packages for business projects that involve foreign relations, and solutions to support the import/export of goods and services. These are the main ones:

  • Import financing
  • Advances for export
  • Letters of credit for import/export
  • Standby letters
  • Issuance of International Guarantees (Bid-Advances and Performance Bonds)

There are various solutions to meet every need: for example, with import financing, a company will be able to bear the costs related to the purchase of raw materials for production or goods to be placed on the target markets. This therefore helps to shorten the time between disbursement and collection, for compensated management of the treasury.

With advance payment on its exports, a company is also able to obtain the necessary liquidity for its business starting from receivables that are or will be due from a foreign customer.

Other advanced consulting activities (operations involving Letters of Credit or International Guarantees) are available, with the support and advice of our experts in the sector.


Ruggero Gobbetti

Coordinator of Sales Excellence Abroad.

I have had a long career working for leading credit institutions, dealing in particular with the corporate segment and managing important commercial structures. Since September 2019, I have handled Banca Ifis’ portfolio of products for the world of import-export.