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Leasing and renting: business allies in the sustainable transition

The decision to make your company sustainable is a choice dictated by entrepreneurial foresight as well as responsibility towards our planet. It is a journey to be undertaken and as such, we must set a goal, plan it and make sure we have the necessary resources for the journey. Luca Viglione of Banca Ifis Leasing & Rental Sales Excellence explains some useful tools and opportunities for companies on this journey.

I would like to implement investments for the sustainable transition of my company, what instruments can I use to do so?

There are various financial instruments available to secure these resources and they depend on what type of investment is chosen, the resources available and the time horizon required by potential projects.

Leasing and rental are the main instruments for investments in machinery and equipment instrumental to the business activity. They allow for the deferral of the purchase charge, including VAT, and absorbable fees from the increased revenues or savings derived from the investment.

Leasing is a more appropriate solution in the case of major investments, over a longer time horizon and when, in principle, the intention is to retain ownership of the asset after the end of the financing. It is also an instrument that makes it easy to benefit from the incentives provided by law.

Rental, on the other hand, is more appropriate for goods of smaller value, subject to technological renewal and thus to be used for shorter periods of time. It is then best suited to situations in which, once the contract is concluded, the idea is to replace the asset with a more up-to-date version.

In both cases, the leasing/rental company also assesses the supplier of the asset as well as the price appropriateness of the investment and works in synergy with the latter to ensure the best service throughout the entire “life cycle” of the transaction.

How can I make mobility within my company greener?

Mobility is one of the sectors with the largest ecological footprint, but also one with the greatest opportunity to make a difference by acting with targeted investments. From large industrial transport vehicles to commercial vehicles, from company cars to simple electric bicycles, the Banca Ifis Group has always been a pioneer in this sector, devoting considerable energy not only to offering leasing or rental according to the type of vehicle in which the customer is interested, but above all to understanding the specifics and thus providing the professionalism needed to understand the needs and manage the operations in the best possible way. This is also achieved through important agreements and collaborations with top players in the industry.

Equipping your company with a fleet of electric or hybrid cars is certainly one of the fastest ways to achieve tangible results in terms of emissions, but green mobility can also be a business and corporate welfare opportunity. For a hotel or resort, equipping itself with a fleet of e-Bikes, for example, is becoming an important differentiator. When a company equips its employees with e-bikes, it is both supporting green mobility on home-work commutes and at the same time increasing their well-being.

From a production and energy-saving point of view, how can I start to intervene in my company?

From a production and energy-saving point of view, how can I start to intervene in my company?

From more environmentally friendly means of mobility, to energy efficiency measures, from the choice of investing in machinery with higher productivity and lower ecological impact, there are many opportunities to act directly on your company’s energy savings with investments aimed at reducing the effects on the planet.

A photovoltaic system for self-consumption with or without batteries, electric charging stations for employees and certified environmentally friendly production plants are just a few examples of virtuous investments on which Banca Ifis has gained considerable experience and will be able to best assist you in leasing finance.

Often these investments not only improve the ecological efficiency of the company, but also offer benefits in terms of reputation and rating. Some of these projects can then be supported by making the most of the various incentives and facilities that the state offers to support innovation and the development of the country’s business fabric: tax credits, Sabatini 4.0 and Sabatini green are some of the opportunities that can be seized, also in combination with leasing.

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