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Full-digital factoring: for management from A to Z

Optimise chain relations, between both businesses and with Banks: that is one of the fundamental objectives guiding who, like Banca Ifis, has always been active in factoring.

Innovation and digitisation are fundamental ingredients: simplicity, speed and autonomy are our answers; even after the pandemic, when even the B2B world found itself as an integral part of the digital transformation in progress.

What does full-digital factoring mean?

First of all, simplification of interaction and flows (communications, payments…) not only translated into saving time and effort, but, above all in tidy, digital management of bureaucracy. In the normal factoring relationship, the dialogue is between three players: the business (“assignor”) transferring its commercial receivables to the Bank (“factor”), obtaining in exchange the liquidity needed to optimise flows and continue its activities as well as a series of services connected to managing the credits and their collection from the customer (“assigned borrower”). The latter often represents a top company, the chain leader, in the supply chain and can, in turn be an active part in this three-way relationship to the advantage of the entire supply chain.

Ifis4business, our platform, dedicated to the entire chain of businesses involved in factoring and confirming agreements, has a specific objective: make relations between all the players involved easier and more immediate, making the exchange of documents fluid and immediate, the redefining of payment terms and presentation to the Bank of new customers or suppliers, all through a single online hub.

Yet a digital experience that does not forget the human relationship: the Banca Ifis team dedicated to customers always remains available and can be contacted with just one click. This is progressively involving all our factoring customers: we started with the “assigned borrowers”, key figures in the Supply Chain, enabling them to manage and confirm online, thanks to Ifis4business, the invoices transferred to Banca Ifis by their suppliers, report any changes, make a request to redefine payment terms.

The circle is now closing: the assignors will now be able to upload the invoices online directly, monitor their progress, suggest new customers. Ifis4business is one of the keystones of an omni-channel approach that enables us to relate with businesses at several levels and without neglecting the attitudes and specific aspects of each one. An approach in which physical networks and digital channels talk to each other and intertwine to offer customers complete, increasingly more dynamic support.



Marco Agosto,

Head of Marketing & Business Strategy

I graduated in Business Administration with a Master’s in Communication & Marketing, in my career I have worked in consultancy, change management, Digital, Sales & Marketing in companies like Electrolux, Benetton, Accenture Strategy, Intesa San Paolo (ex Veneto Banca), MPS Banking Group. As of 2017 I have held the positions of Head of Strategy & Business Development and Head of Marketing & Business Strategy in the Banca Ifis Group.