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Financial management of a pharmacy: advice from Banca Credifarma

The management of a pharmacy requires specialized financial support, from its opening, management, up to the generational or corporate changes that may characterize its history. Regarding such issues and their economic implications, pharmacists or those working in the sector may surely pose some questions. Simone Mattiacci, Commercial Manager of Banca Credifarma, answers the main doubts raised by his customers.

Can only a pharmacist acquire ownership of a pharmacy? Furthermore, what financial support does Banca Credifarma offer for this operation?

The entry into force of Law no. 124/2017 introduced the possibility of becoming the owner of a private pharmacy also through the legal form of a joint-stock company, and extended the participation in both a partnership and a joint-stock company also to natural persons who do not have pharmacist qualifications.

Banca Credifarma offers the best solutions specifically designed for complex and targeted interventions such as the purchase of ownership of a pharmacy. Thanks to the experience and professionalism gained in the sector, our consultants are able to develop and propose specific solutions that respond to the actual financial needs, with repayment plans designed according to the cash flows generated by the pharmacy and which are also suitable for the tax amortization of “goodwill.”

Should I need to set up a new pharmaceutical site or renovate the premises of my pharmacy, what solutions do you recommend?

The preparation of new headquarters and/or the restructuring of existing premises represent an important investment in terms of financial commitment, and therefore require an adequate, and weighted analysis that identifies the most suitable tool for these purposes.

Medium and long-term loans best support the pharmacy’s structural investments, one can therefore choose a bank loan or leasing and rental solutions.

A bank loan is a contract by which a credit institution grants a sum of money to a person who undertakes to repay it according to a repayment plan determined on the basis of the duration and the applicable interest rate. Through this solution, the pharmacy is able to pay for any charges connected to the needs related to the setting up or renovation and to purchase the necessary furnishings and equipment directly from the suppliers.

On the other hand, three parties substantially intervene in the financial leasing contract: the seller, the leasing company, the user. The leasing company purchases the asset from the seller and leases it to the user who undertakes to pay periodic rental fees for its use, according to a predefined plan. At the end of the lease period, the user will be able to decide whether to return the asset, or to redeem it by paying the so-called maxi fee. In the case of rental, although it is a commercial and non-financial solution, the dynamics are similar, but there is no final redemption option.

Banca Credifarma offers medium and long-term financial solutions designed for these specific needs, whereas, through Banca Ifis and Ifis Rental Services, companies of the Banca Ifis Group, the pharmacy can also access leasing and rental products for capital goods, respectively.

I am a shareholder in a pharmacy company. How could Banca Credifarma support me in the liquidation of a shareholder?

In a historical moment such as the present, in which the value of the startup referred to for the valuation of the company shares under liquidation is particularly high, it is strongly advisable to foresee sufficiently long payment times so as not to compromise the financial situation of the pharmacy.

In the event of the liquidation of the outgoing shareholder, Banca Credifarma offers the possibility to structure credit interventions that can guarantee the necessary financial requirements, with broad-based repayment plans that likewise allow optimization of the accounting and tax aspects.

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