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Financial instruments and insurance solutions, together to support SMEs

The current socio-economic context, dominated by uncertainty, has highlighted the historical and well-known “protection gap” of our society and in particular of the Italian business fabric.

SMEs are having to implement significant plans for recovery and development which involve major financial and structural changes. In this scenario, companies have to focus on the risk and need for stability in order to compete in the medium to long term.

Interest in insurance coverage that can guarantee business continuity during this delicate process of change is therefore growing.

A specialised Bank such as Banca Ifis is able to support its customers not only with financial instruments for development and investments, but also with insurance solutions that protect them from the main risks related to their business.

Responses to the needs of businesses for protection

People are the most important thing for an SME, in terms of both leadership and skills. The protection of key people guarantees business continuity and the ability to meet the financial commitments made, allowing the SME to deal with any generational changes with peace of mind.

More popular now, even for SMEs, are Directors and Officers ( D&O) insurance policies, to protect the personal assets of company management in the event of errors or negligence in the exercise of their managerial functions.

The increasing dependence on technologies, in all sectors, has also led to new risks related to Cyber Security and data protection. Cyber threats represent, after those related to health, the risks most feared by Italian companies.

In the case of leasing contracts, however, the protection of underlying assets is an essential form of investment guarantee. In the Transportation segment, customers’ needs go beyond simple vehicle guarantees and extend to all services to support the driver and the broader concept of “mobility“.

Banca Ifis draws on its in-depth knowledge of the client companies and the market in which they operate, to offer SMEs a diverse range of insurance solutions specific to their needs that can be combined with its financial services to support development and, at the same time, guarantee security, stability and continuity in business activities.


Andrea Galbiati

Head of Insurance Development

I graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Milan, with a Master in Management and Business Organisation. I gained considerable experience in the insurance sector at BNP Paribas Cardif, covering the role of Partnership & Business Development Manager in several distribution channels: Banking, Financial Institutions and Automotive. I have been Head of Insurance Development at Banca Ifis since October 2018.