FATTORE I. - #raccontamimpresa

The Fattore I is a project aimed at investigating the reality behind the data: what companies are growing in the market? What challenges will they face? The goal is to find out the specific factor that makes the company successful. And… to get to the heart of the matter, we will guide you on a journey through numbers, products, people and territories. A story of today’s Italy: the Italy that works, that produces and that wins, made up of small businesses that bring value to the market each and every day. A path that embraces all of our Country and its productive realities: come and discover the faces behind the numbers, the stories behind the results, the insights behind the successes. Step by step we will look beyond each company to find its I Factor.


Innovation and Craft Society

Innovation and Craft Society is a quality container in which business people, researchers and experts can discuss issues affecting business assets in the italian economy. Technology, digital communications and design meet craftsmanship in a new concept of manufacturing in which the emphasis is on the design concept. Innovation and Craft Society is the response to the changes we are seeing today. Innovation and Craft Society is a privileged observatory of the emerging dynamics of digitalisation of manufacturing, a place for meeting and discussion in which enterprises, researchers, institutions and representatives of the world of finance can share experiences, opinions and information. The Scientific Committee and Member Companies are the pillars on which the organisation is built, carefully selected forward-thinking people and technologically advanced companies that will be offered an opportunity to participate in exclusive meetings in various parts of the country. Innovation and Craft Society is a project by Banca IFIS conceived in partnership with Stefano Micelli and La Triennale di Milano.


New #TOURPMI (2019)

New #TOURPMI is the first project of true contamination between the World of Business and the World of Education. After the success of the first edition of Tour PMI, Banca IFIS Impresa returns to share stories from its client companies involving students respectively from Ca ’Foscari University(Venice) and Padua University’s Communication Department, who have traveled throughout Italy to learn more about these business clients and to analyze them. A unique opportunity for these young people who have come into contact with those who, with their work, support the real economy of our country. A project that turned out to be a challenge for both parties: for companies, which have opened the doors of their operation by telling their stories and by putting themselves on the line; and for students, who have been able to apply “in the field” what they have been studying so far.


#TOURPMI (2018)

TourPMI (SME Tour) is a roadshow visiting the regions of Italy with the aim of getting to know Banca IFIS Impresa’s business clients. The tour involves meetings with business owners at their own offices, to listen to their voices, learn about their story, visit their factories and understand the strong points of their partnership with Banca IFIS Impresa. We provide an unfiltered view of our successful clients through storytelling, videos, photos and interviews, which are then published on Banca IFIS Impresa’s website and social media channels. It offers one more way for us to get closer to our clients.

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Botteghe Digitali

Botteghe Digitali is Banca IFIS Impresa’s project dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy. The craftsmen selected for this project are guided along a path of innovation by coaches and professionals in the sector, whose aim is to help these craftsmen acquire the skills necessary to make their businesses successful. Following the success of the first edition of Botteghe Digitali, with more than one million viewings of the web series, this year’s edition will focus on the formation of ten Italian companies chosen from the many that applied to be part of this unique opportunity.