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Franco Olivetti

Standing Auditor

Born in Venice in 1974.

Franco Olivetti graduated from the University of Parma – Faculty of Economics and Commerce. He is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor, enrolled in the Order of Chartered Accountants of Venice since 2006 and in the Register of Auditors since 2007.

He is the owner of the Lex-Tax professional office, based in Treviso. A member of the Board of Directors, Auditor and Standing Statutory Auditors in corporations, financial companies and IPAB [Public Welfare Institutions], he performs his professional activities by providing consultancy on corporate and taxation matters, with skills and experience in the economic/financial restructuring and reorganisation of companies and in assignments for admissions to collective procedures.

Other posts:
President of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Ifis Rental Services s.r.l.
Standing auditor of Banca Credifarma S.p.A.
Standing auditor of JustLex Italia joint-stock company​
Standing auditor and sole auditor of Atesina San Marco S.r.l.
Alternate auditor of Ifis Npl Investing S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of Revalea S.p.A.

Presence at Board of Statutory Auditors meetings*: 100%

*The data shown refer to what is indicated in the 2023 Corporate Governance report.