Franco Olivetti

Standing Auditor.

Born in Venice in 1974.

Franco Olivetti is a Qualified Auditor and Public Accountant and has been a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Accountants of Venice since 2006. She is the owner of the Lex-Tax professional office, based in Treviso. A member of the Board of Directors, Auditor and Standing Statutory Auditors in corporations, financial companies and IPAB [Public Welfare Institutions], he performs his professional activities by providing consultancy on corporate and taxation matters, with skills and experience in the economic/financial restructuring and reorganisation of companies and in assignments for admissions to collective procedures.

Other posts*:
Auditor of La Scogliera S.p.A.
Auditor of IFIS Real Estate S.p.A.
Auditor of Istituti di soggiorno per anziani San Gregorio (IPAB).
Sole member of the BSA/auditor of Atesina San Marco srl.

* The data shown refer to what is indicated in the 2019 Corporate Governance report.