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Andrea Balelli


Born in Rome in 1975.

In 2000, he graduated in Economics from “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He has been a member of the Register of Certified Accountants and Accounting Experts of Rome since 2014. He gained his first professional experiences as an auditor in the banking and insurance sector with PwC in Rome, later moving on to Internal Audit, Corporate Governance and Global Risk Management at Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato. Subsequently, he managed activities in the Non Performing Loans sector related to the participation in legal auctions with real estate SPVs, preparing business plans and due diligence for the acquisition of Npl and Real Estate portfolios, working at Capitalia Service JV and Italfondiario SpA (Fortress Investment Group). In 2008, he moved to Milan to work at Archon Group Italia (Goldman Sachs Group), taking on the role of Vice President – Corporate Accounting Team until 2012. He currently works freelance at Studio Gatti in Rome, where he advises on corporate, accounting, corporate and financial matters.

Other assignments:

Boards of Directors
Sole director of Fedaia Spv S.r.l., Gardenia Spv S.r.l., Italian Credit Recycle S.r.l., Loira Reoco S.r.l., Malfante 2009 S.r.l., Restart Spv S.r.l., Rienza Spv S.r.l. and Re Vesta S.r.l.

Boards of Statutory Auditors
Chairman of Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.
Standing Auditor of Pillarstone S.p.A.
Standing Auditor of PS Management Holdco s.r.l.
Standing Auditor of PS Reti S.p.A.
Standing Auditor of Sirti S.p.A.
Chairman of Sirti Digital Solutions S.p.A.
Chairman of Wellcomm Engineering S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of società italiana per azioni per il traforo del monte bianco
Alternate auditor of Recordati S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of Amplia Infrastructures S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of AD Moving S.p.A.
Alternate auditor of IDS Airnav S.r.l.
Alternate auditor of Tecne Speri Bridge Designers s.r.l.
Alternate auditor of Tecne – Systra sws advanced Tunneling s.r.l.

Presence at Board of Statutory Auditors meetings*: 100%

*The data shown refer to what is indicated in the 2023 Corporate Governance report.