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The NPL Meeting 2017: on September 15, the international NPL world is coming to Venice

The most important annual conference on NPLs boasts speakers from the ECB, the IMF and also ECB regulators. Attending the event are the C.E.O.s from Banco BPM, BPER and Quaestio

Mestre (Venice), 12 September 2017 – Only two days left until the largest and most important event in Italy dedicated to non-performing loans. On Friday, September 15, the Port of Venice is hosting the sixth edition of Banca IFIS’s International NPL Meeting, the annual conference dedicated to originators, investors and buyers of NPLs.

Entitled ‘The Marketplace – A Toolkit for the NPL Market’, this sixth edition aims to explore the market from the point of view of growing transactions and tools, the so-called ‘toolbox’ that players need to manage impaired loans in a profitable way. This is a key activity, especially this year which will go down in history as the year of ‘explosion of non-performing loans’, as reported in the Quarterly ‘Market Watch NPL – The Italian scenario’ curated by Banca IFIS. Indeed, about 71 billion Euro of non-performing loans are expected to be sold in the second part of 2017, contributing to a record high of about € 104 billion Euro of distressed debts traded on the Italian market in just one year.
Volumes, strategies, different business models for portfolio management and the skills needed to take the right action to achieve profitability will be the main topics of the NPL Meeting 2017, discussed by major market players. In particular, after the opening of the macro-economic scenario by the IMF, the EBA and the ECB will illustrate their positions as market regulators. Investment funds (Cerberus, Algebris and Bayview) and banks (BPM and UBI), will then discuss the opportunities and challenges the market presents for purchase and sale of NPLs, taking into account regulatory variables.

Over the course of the day, other leading brands such as Arrow Global, Zenith, Lindorff, Gextra, Bain Capital and Acquileia Capital will alternate their talks. Banks will also be present, giving the various C.E.O.s the opportunity to compare and contrast ideas, and these C.E.O.s will outline the strategies of their particular institute: Banco BPM (Giuseppe Castagna), BPER (Alessandro Vandelli), Quaestio (Paolo Petrignani), Banca IFIS (Giovanni Bossi).

Finally, a roundtable has been organised to host HR specialists from consultancy and executive research companies and banks, devoted to the skills and training needed – increasingly important but difficult to find – in the management of NPLs in the HR field too, with participation by companies such as Egon Zehnder, Spencer Stuart and Unicredit.

During the day, a special edition of the Market Watch NPL, written for the Meeting, will be presented to the press.