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A strategy to reach SMEs on the web: Banca IFIS blogtour#2


“We want to talk to SMEs online and offline
To contaminate and be contaminated belong to our DNA of digital bank” says CEO Giovanni Bossi

Venice Mestre, October 29th 2014 – 12 bloggers, 3 workgroups, one challenging competition: develop a strategy to bring up to 20.000 additional customers in two years. On the web, naturally. This is, in a tweet, the recap of the second blogtour, that took place in Vienna on 24 and 25 October. Credi Impresa Futuro, the Banca IFIS brand dedicated to the financing of SMEs, was the main focus of the discussion. A delicate topic especially for Italian small and medium-size companies, fighting against a very rigid credit lending system. A topic that Banca IFIS is tackling, once again, with an innovative approach.

Once in Vienna, the 12 protagonists received a welcome speech from Giovanni Bossi, CEO of Banca IFIS, who, together with Mara Di Giorgio (Head of Communication) and Raffaele Zingone (Head of Strategic Planning), explained the brief and the challenge to be given to the groups. Bloggers were free to choose their tools, to be used along with their knowledge of the commercial mechanisms of Banca IFIS: a challenge also in terms of time, less than 24 hours to complete the strategy that would be presented to the IFIStour judging panel.

“I believe “contamination” is the watchword on this blogtour” said CEO Giovanni Bossi. “Contamination between a bank that is highly focused on the needs of small and medium enterprises, such as Banca IFIS, and twelve people from bloggers to influencers with whom we are sharing ideas and avenues and methods of presenting ourselves, in the best possibile way, to enterprises on the web. This is part of the bank’s DNA, which has an increasingly advanced digital identity: we wish to explore every possible method of enabling dialogue with our customers of today and tomorrow”.

Knowledge of the business, a widening of the network and a “healthy” obsession with the importance of the customer: these are the drivers that awarded victory to the group named“Sezessionstil”, consisting of Barbara Bonaventura (, Nicola Zago ( and Francesco Favaro (, awarded with a prize money.


The story of the two days of the blogtour is on storify at the link:
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