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Resignation of Director Divo Gronchi

Inside information

Mestre (Venice), 14 January 2021 – The Board of Directors of Banca Ifis, which met today, has acknowledged that Independent Director Divo Gronchi has tendered his resignation, with effect from today, from the office of Director and, therefore, as member of the Appointments Committee and the Company’s Supervisory Body. This decision, which is primarily due to personal reasons, will allow for the co-opting of Engineer Frederik Geertman to the Bank’s Board of Directors, envisaged for this coming February, and will enable a period during which he collaborates and liaises closely with the current Chief Executive Officer, Luciano Colombini, who will remain in office until April.

The Board of Directors has therefore resolved to replenish the Appointments Committee members, choosing Monica Billio as new member. The Appointments Committee is made up as follows: Roberto Diacetti (Chairman), Beatrice Colleoni and Monica Billio.

The Board has also resolved to replenish the Bank’s Supervisory Body appointing Beatrice Colleoni as a new member. The Supervisory Body is therefore made up: the standing auditor Marinella Monterumisi, the directors Daniele Umberto Santosuosso and Beatrice Colleoni, and the Head of Compliance and the Head of Internal Audit in charge from time to time.

At the date of his resignation, the Director Gronchi does not hold any shares of the Company, and his termination from the position does not entail the payment of indemnities or other benefits, in accordance with the remuneration policy adopted by the Banca Ifis Group.

The entire Board thanks Mr Gronchi for the valuable work he has carried out during his mandate.