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Repo Market Convention: over 120 Italian and foreign banks at the conference in Mestre


Mr. Bossi (Banca IFIS): “Repurchase agreements: a great lever for managing bank liquidity”
Mr. Cittadini (Monte Titoli): “Post-trade has a crucial role in harmonizing Eurozone capital markets”

Mestre, 12 September 2014 – Discussions on ECB monetary policy decisions, analyses of opportunities and implications deriving from the Euro-system’s new regulatory platform, optimization of collateral: these were the main topics of the debate which took part in the first half of the Repo Market Convention, the conference organized by Banca IFIS, the London Stock Exchange, MTS and Monte Titoli.

More than 120 Italian and foreign credit institutions (over 200 people) came to Banca IFIS’s Headquarters in Mestre for the convention. A turnout that shows strengthened interest in topics regarding the inter-banking market, particularly repurchase agreements, a tool that is increasingly demonstrating that it is a valid alternative to financing.

Giovanni Bossi, Banca IFIS’s C.E.O., states “The Repo market has been, and continues to be, a great tool in the management of bank liquidity: today, this support is proving itself to be of great help in achieving systemic stability. Today’s convention recorded important responses from credit institutions, also as a result of recent ECB decisions. We have witnessed that operators in the sector want to discuss, compare and contrast these technical but delicate topics. The Repo market is one of the instruments that better transfers monetary policy measures to the real economy, which must always be our main focus.”

“Changes in the European legal framework, and the implementation of T2-S in particular, give the post-trade infra-structure a crucial role in harmonizing capital markets in the Eurozone” commented Paolo Cittadini, C.E.O. of Monte Titoli. “This process is an opportunity for us to offer our clients services that are ever-more efficient and integrated, and to compete at an international level from a strong standpoint. Monte Titoli, indeed, is the main central deposit in the first wave of migration to T2-S and it is fully committed to monitoring and facilitating the migration process of its current and future clients’ assets within the new platform”.

In the afternoon, at 16:30, Maria Cannata, Head of the Ministry of Economics and Finance’s Treasury Department will speak at this conference.

The contents of the convention are available on the web through the Live Twitting. The official hashtag is #REPO