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“One Day in Venice”: investment funds meet firms in the Northeast that are listed on the stock exchange


11 firms (more than 10 billion Euro capitalization) have shared their Equity stories with investors
Mr. Bossi (Banca IFIS’s C.E.O.) states: “Telling investors about ourselves is fundamental for corporate growth and consolidation”

Venice-Mestre, 21st November 2014 – An entire day of one-to-one meetings, during which firms located in the Northeast that are listed on the Stock Exchange had the chance to tell their Equity stories to institutional investors in order to draw investment funds’ attention and increase their attraction to the excellences of Made in Italy. The 5th edition of One Day in Venice, organized by Banca IFIS and Mediobanca Securities at the Bank’s Headquarters, constituted an opportunity to engage in shared storytelling.

“Supporting and encouraging companies to tell investors about themselves is not easy but it is fundamental for corporate growth and consolidation” said Giovanni Bossi, C.E.O. of Banca IFIS. “We have met Italian and foreign investment funds, which particularly appreciate the efforts that listed firms make every day in order to be competitive and to gain space in the international financial market arena. Investors’ attention – Bossi underlines – has changed since last year and has become more prudent, also due to a context – both Italian and European, economic and political – that is lame.

One Day in Venice has welcomed 11 firms listed on the stock exchange, which are part of the STARsegment – a segment dedicated to those firms with capitalization of between 40 million and 1 billion Euro that are committed to conforming to requirements of excellence in terms of transparency and disclosure, high levels of liquidity and corporate governance aligned to international standards – and the MTA segment – for firms with a 40 million Euro minimum capitalization and a minimum 25% floating capital, with clear strategic vision, good competitive positioning, financial sustainability and management autonomy.

The firms listed on the stock exchange which attended One Day in Venice 2014 are: Banca IFIS, Danieli&C., Delclima, De’ Longhi, Eurotech, Hera, Marr, Nice, Sabaf, Save, Zignago Vetro.