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“One day in Venice 2012” organized by Banca IFIS and Centrobanca. The third edition of the investors meeting dedicated to North-Eastern Italy’s listed companies


The event will give Italian and international institutional investors representing 18 financial institutions the chance to meet 13 companies located in North-Eastern Italy during the course of approximately 85 “one to one” meetings between investment professionals and the top management of such companies. Mestre, 23rd November – A total of 13 companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, also known as Piazza Affari, expression of the entrepreneurial nature of North-Eastern Italy and, specifically, of the Veneto region, met with Italian and international institutional investors at the headquarters of Banca IFIS in Mestre – more than 85 meetings scheduled – during the third edition of “ONE DAY IN VENICE”. After years characterized by a high level of instability, mostly determined by the negative influence of factors that have nothing to do with the quality of the listed companies (banking crisis, doubts on the ability of certain European countries to repay their debt and the crisis of the Euro currency), the Italian stock market is experiencing a return of selective interest by Italian and foreign investors.In fact, compared to the previous edition of the Investors Conference, the number of meetings that the investors asked to schedule with the companies’ top management teams in order to assess their attractiveness in financial terms, and consequently of equity investment, almost doubled, from 50 to 85.The meeting participants will be: Banca IFIS, CAD IT, Delclima, De’ Longhi, Eurotech, Luxottica, Nice, Save, Servizi ITALIA, Sabaf, Safilo, Stefanel and Zignago Vetro, companies whose stock market capitalization is equal to approximately €17.7 billion. Economics and finance no longer lend themselves to a univocal interpretation, and this is proven by the fact that next year, global growth will be mainly entrusted to those economies that were considered emerging economies in recent years, while Europe and the United States will continue to struggle. Consequently, regardless of the company’s nationality, firms positioned on foreign markets and capable of expressing original business models will be the ones capable of attracting capital from abroad too. This is also true for Italy, as demonstrated by the fact that approximately 90% of the shareholdings held by institutional investors in FTSE MIB stocks is ascribable to international investors.A confirmation of how important it is for professional asset managers and portfolio managers, in the current scenario, to be able to select and have direct knowledge of the companies , comes from an analysis of stock market indicators. In view of a 12-month performance of the FTSE MIB index of approximately 3% and of a slightly higher FTSE Italy All Share index (about 3.8%), the panel of companies attending the Conference includes for 80% issuers which have had a positive performance over the span of one year, which in five cases (De’ Longhi, Banca IFIS, Luxottica, CAD IT and Safilo) was greater than 30% . “In the past two years, we have organized more than 50 road shows for Italian listed companies in Europe, investor conferences in Italy and abroad, always finding a high level of interest in the single companies”, states Alfredo Magri, Centrobanca’s Head of the Markets Area, ”Starting in 2012, however, we have noticed a more general return of interest for equity investments in our country, nevertheless accompanied by the need for direct meetings with the companies’ top management in order to understand their business model”.Giovanni Bossi, CEO of Banca IFIS, comments as follows: “This meeting, now in its third edition, has become an important event for investors and listed companies. For the issuers, it represents a new opportunity right after the results for the first 9 months of the year, and near the time for reflecting on the prospects of the new financial period. As far as the investors are concerned, 50% of which are foreign, we have certainly noticed greater interest on their part. For companies with average capitalization, working together in order to encourage dialogue with the financial market players is certainly one road to pursue and encourage. In fact, in the upcoming year there may be new initiatives whose feasibility we will verify together with the attending companies.”