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Introducing “Ti anticipo” (An advance for you), the new Banca IFIS Impresa informational service for companies that work with Public Entities

Business and Manufacturing

For companies that work with Public Entities, payment periods are often longer than their short-term commitments. Banca IFIS Impresa, the Banca IFIS brand dedicated to the world of business and SME financing, is launching a new informational service “Ti anticipo” (An advance for you), dedicated to companies working with Public Entities that have certified credits, i.e. trade receivables, that are non-expired, liquid and due, which companies have accrued from Public Entities

Certification of trade receivables can be requested – by corporations, sole proprietorships and individuals – from all public entities, with the exception of local authorities or units of the National Health Service bodies of regions subject to the repayment plan from the healthcare deficit. The procedure is totally free and managed through the electronic platform for the certification of credits (PCC) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) accessible at the following web site: Upon Issuance of the certification, companies that work with Public Entities can get instant and guaranteed liquidity by surrendering their claims to Banca IFIS Impresa.

All information on how to apply for certification of receivables due from the Public Entities and how to surrender credit to receive liquidity is available on the “page “Ti anticipo” (An advance for you), on Banca IFIS Impresa’s Web site.