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Innovation and Technology for growth: Banca IFIS supports the Technology Forum of The European House Ambrosetti


Business and dialogue: why innovation is a state of the soul, even in a bank

A small question mark could appear, in our mind, when we associate the word ‘bank’, with the word ‘innovation’; and it could become even a big question mark, when we associate ‘bank’ with ‘dialogue’, or ‘soul’. But there are banks that speak that kind of language, and that’s the case of BancaIFIS.

Banca IFIS has been a partner of the Technology Forum since the very beginning, because they share – in their DNA – the goal of the Innovation and Technology Community of Ambrosetti Club: to offer incentives to boost economic growth and innovation in Italy and effectively promote innovation as a key lever to return to growth.

‘Innovation is a state of the soul – says Giovanni Bossi, CEO of BancaIFIS who will take part to the Technology Forum – and it involves companies and people ready to change. Changing has a cost, and it has an impact on our life: in a traditional sector, such as banking still is, innovating means always finding a new way of thinking and a new way of operating’. In two words, innovating means business&dialogue.

BancaIFIS has developed a strong business – both in the internal and international market – with eight brands and three pillars: commercial credit, hardly recoverable credit and tax credit.

Moreover, in all the business units, operations are powered through the brands rendimax and contomax: the fullonline tools of BancaIFIS.

On the other side, there is dialogue: a permanent and friendly relationship with the stakeolders, through three vertical blogs (MondoPMI, SalvaRisparmio and CrediFamiglia) as well as through a lively presence in the social networks: for sure the best way to keep in contact. And to innovate.