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Happy Birthday Banca IFIS: 30 years of history on Facebook


Nobody forgets their 18th birthday, and Banca IFIS certainly won’t forget its first 30 years of activity. From 1983 to 2013, the bank – initially born in Genoa as “I.Fi.S.” (Institute of Finance and Discount SpA) and now the only independent banking group in Italy specialized in the sector of trade receivables, non-performing financial loans and tax receivables – has grown considerably, experienced major transformations, joined the Italian Stock Exchange and has evolved, offering customers new products and services, in a transparent and an ever more direct relationship with its customers and partners.

In particular, in recent years, the bank’s communication has also expanded onto social networks, increasing the dialogue not only with clients but with all web users; a method that, for Banca IFIS, has initiated an innovative way of listening to customers, and given more freedom of expression to the people involved: not only customers but also stakeholders, investors and institutional authorities, public and private companies, small and medium enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Thanks also to its strong showing on social networks, Banca IFIS has decided to celebrate its 30th birthday with various initiatives, the first of which was created and will take place through the use of said networks: every week, on the Banca IFIS Facebook page, two images will be published showing famous events that took place in the years in which the Bank took its most important steps, with the aim of involving all network users. Celebrations start with 1983, the year I.F.i.S was founded, and all fans are asked what they were doing in that year: a way of initiating a dialogue to intersect the history of the bank with the personal histories of web users.

The initiative will take place primarily on the Banca IFIS Facebook fan page of and will be supported on the Twitter accounts @ BancaIFIS, @rendimax, @contomax and @StreetNetworkIT