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Banca IFIS, 9 months of improving results. Thanks to the trust of retail costumers, SMEs and families

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13The C.E.O. Bossi: “Outstanding performance achieved by assuming risks responsibly: Banking business is possible”


First 9 months 2013

1 January-30 September

  • Profit for the period rising 15,8% to 67,1 million Euro
  • Net banking income increasing by 15,8% to 194,1 million Euro
  • Net profit from financial activities increasing by 13,9 % to 159,6 million Euro
  • Further efficiency gains; cost/income ratio constantly improving: 28,3% compared to 30,5% in the first nine months of 2012.
  • Non-performing loans/total loans in the Trade Receivables sector: 2,9% (4,3% in December 2012)
  • Solvency: 14,1%
  • Core Tier 1: 14,3%


Third quarter 2013

1 July-30 September

  • Net banking income increasing by 3,5% to 62,4 million Euro.
  • Net profit from financial activities increasing by 13,8 % to 54,1 million Euro.
  • Profit for the period: +14,3% to 23,1 million Euro.

The Board of Directors of Banca IFIS met today under the chairmanship of Sebastien von Furstenberg and approved the results for the first nine months of 2013.

Giovanni Bossi, the CEO of Banca IFIS, made the following comment on the third quarter: «We achieved outstanding results. On this basis, we will continue to build up our operations by listening and constantly seeking to provide answers to those who turn to us. We have rolled up our sleeves to offer our customers – be they account holders, businesses or households – a refreshing and new way of “banking”, something we have been doing for thirty years now. Our intention is to design together with the customer a service tailored to him by listening to the needs of each individual or company. In doing so, Banca IFIS can rely on a business model whose central focus is caring for those who give us their trust, the intangible asset par excellence that allows us to generate long-term value, rather than short-lived gains. Our way of “banking” seeks to provide tangible support to Italy’s real economy at a crucial time in its history, in which assuming risks responsibly means having the courage to do our best, to answer promptly and transparently to our customers. We are not interested in short-term results; we know that a good idea and hard work will generate economic as well as social value».