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After rendimax comes contomax, Banca IFIS’s bank account


Originated from experience, populated by social networks, and dressed up in street art. Today, Banca IFIS officially reveals the name of its new online bank account available by the end of the year: contomax is the innovative bank account concept that comes from experience acquired thanks to rendimax, and from listening and monitoring the web. contomax combines the need to have a high-yield bank account with the convenience of clear and simple online management. A customized proposal, tangible and easy to understand, which is taking shape day after day, precisely thanks to the contribution of savers.
Indeed, Banca IFIS’s team is building contomax’ features in response to the needs and suggestions of the Web population. The first phase featured a survey conducted through eight questions on the rendimax website, on the Facebook page and on the Finanza On-Line forum, collecting over 12,000 votes to the services perceived as a must have of a bank account. This way, the Group’s philosophy continues and tangibly grows by getting the internet network involved through dialogue and direct participation, in order to suggest solutions to be shared with those who will directly use them.
As a first step in the journey that will lead to the construction of the bank account, its name is revealed today: contomax, which combines simplicity and immediacy with its objectives of excellence. From now until the end of the year, Internet users will be called several times to interact with the contomax team, in order to build together the last components of the bank account, up to its actual launch. Many surprises are in store for the savers, and contomax will continue to actively involve the web, but not only: an initiative will soon be revealed aiming at dressing up the contomax world in street art.