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3rd NPL Meeting, financial contamination on distressed loans


Mestre, 19th September 2014 – Almost 200 people representing funds, investment companies and banks, together with other players involved in the management of distressed loans, took part in the 3rdNPL meeting – the annual, international workshop on non-performing loans organized by Banca IFIS, PwC and Credit Village.

The participation in this event of many Italian and international players,  belonging to about 100 companies in the NPL sector, was very significant.

During the day, data and analyses on total non-performing loans in Italy and Europe were presented, as well as growth forecasts for the domestic market compared to European and international markets. The three roundtables investigated business aspects from three different points of view: the originators’, with a focus on the points to consider when selecting potential buyers; the buyers’, concentrating on topics like the importance of the purchase price of a portfolio and the value of the servicer in the bidding process; and lastly, that of the servicers, who discussed how to manage investors’ expectations in post-deal negotiations.

“Today we enjoyed a privileged and in-depth view of the financial geography of non-performing loans in Europe and U.S.A.” stated Giovanni Bossi, C.E.O. of Banca IFIS. “This Meeting has become a hive, a laboratory, of financial contamination on bad loans. Different points of views were analized and interesting and sometimes innovative solutions were proposed, even for this sector that is becoming ever-more present in our everyday life. The general consideration which arose during the event is very important: if we are able to “digest”, to free up balance sheets from deteriorated assets, banks could make space for loans to SMEs and families, significantly influencing the GDP index.

However, the limitations of banks in terms of Equity continue to be the reason for which lending institutions are not able to lend credit and accelerate loans.

Steven Fredrickson, President, C.E.O. and Chairman of PRA Group gave the conference his views and experience of the NPL market in America, focusing, in particular, on debt purchasing.

Among the companies that took part in this conference are: Italfondiario, Prelios, Bank of America, Hoist Finance, Banca IFIS, Intrum Justitia, Santander, Cerved, Anacap and Guber.

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