Rendimax Conto Corrente options

Three account options, a single current account

LiberoLikeVincolato Anticipato and Posticipato – three account options and two interest settlement methods. Choose the Rendimax Current Account that best meets your savings goals and how you would like to manage your money. To obtain the Rendimax debit card, activate the Libero linked account now.


Your first step in Rendimax Conto Corrente

This is the ideal solution for those frequently executing transactions or those who need to have funds immediately at call. This is the current account required for obtaining the Rendimax debit card, for activating the Like, Vincolato Anticipato and Vincolato Posticipato options and for enjoying all Rendimax Conto Corrente services.


High interest rate, always and for everyone

Like received funds rolled over from Libero and it may be activated with a minimum deposit of EUR 1,000 euros. It offers an interest rate of 0.40% gross and allows you to have capital at call when you need it. If necessary, you can cash out part or all of the funds deposited and we will credit them to you in 33 calendar days, while you continue to accrue the same interest rate until locked-time deposit maturity.

Vincolato Anticipato and Vincolato Posticipato

Get the most from your current account

For both options, the minimum deposit required is EUR 1,000 and the maximum term is 2 years. You can choose from one of two methods for settling interest (advance notice for Vincolato Anticipato and in arrears for Vincolato Posticipato) and you can activate up to 20 time-locked deposits at the same time, which can earn up to 0.75% gross interest p.a.

Vincolato: find out about the various returns

Advance notice settlement
Interest is rolled over to the Libero linked account deposits once the locked account is activated.

In arrears settlement
Interest is paid at the end of the quarter, according to the solar calendar and maturity date of the deposit.

Vincolato Anticipato

Vincolato Posticipato

6 months



9 months



1 year



18 months



2 years



The Rendimax debit card

Free and with many features

Contactless and enabled for Pagobancomat, Bancomat, Cirrus and Maestro circuits, it is a no fee debit card. Charges are debited at the time of the transaction.

For financial and economic terms and conditions, please consult the key information sheet.

Looking for information or help?

Call the toll-free number 800 522 122 or (+39) 041 5027 646 if you are abroad.