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Banca IFIS tests Open Banking with API technology

Banca IFIS embraces the European Directive on Open Banking and PSD2 payments, ready to share its data with the various players in the banking ecosystem.

Open Banking is the process by which banks share customer data – securely and with prior authorization – with companies or Third Party Providers through API technology (application programme interface) allowing software packages to communicate with each other uniformly.

As from 14 March 2019, Banca IFIS, as a payment service provider with accessible on-line accounts, will provide a dedicated interface for ‘Third Parties’ to connect via API to the banking services offered for the trial.

The documents, technically compatible with the dedicated interface, are published by the multi-operator platform supplier, Cedacri Group S.p.A., and are available on-line, on the Third Party Portal, at:  At the same address, the API specifications in YAML format are also available, as well as a tool, called sandbox, which allows Third Parties to simulate on-line transactions to access the accounts.