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Maria Chiara Villa, Capital Markets Back Office

Capital Markets

What were your thoughts when you joined Banca Ifis?

Every change is inevitably a source of both joy and worry. I felt enthusiastic about the idea of going back to banking. Day after day, I learnt more and more about Banca Ifis, certainly perceiving it as a young, dynamic and stimulating environment. An excellent growth opportunity for everyone.

What about your personal growth at Banca Ifis?

I believe I’ve grown a lot at Banca Ifis, both personally and professionally. Over the last few years, there have been indeed numerous changes, I think a bit for everyone and no doubt for me as well. Along with the various new projects at work, the pandemic we’ve all been through has brought an unforeseeable disruption in everyone’s life. It’s been a true trial for everyone, for many a very distressing one as well, though we’ve also learnt a lot and at present working from home seems almost normal. Working from home now feels natural and we do so happily. Of course, initially we struggled a bit, but now we have certainly acquired a positive perspective and experiences. The world has changed and we have changed, too. The pandemic turned my life upside down, though I also joined a proactive and dynamic team and keeping abreast hasn’t always been easy. However, now I would certainly draw a positive balance and I hope this will be the case in the future as well.

What brought you most satisfaction at work?

From a strictly professional point of view, I have to say that Banca Ifis really gave me the chance to put myself out there. After years working part-time, I was able to go back working full-time, a difficult decision, though it’s something I felt I really wanted to do. I really feel one chapter of my life has ended and a new one has begun. It may seem a change of little importance, but I can assure you that it’s not and I’m happy about my decision. Of course, my personal needs have changed as well, but also the new projects that were coming up in my team at work were crucial for my decision. Working part-time has been an excellent opportunity for my work-life balance, but now that I also have fewer personal commitments, I’m really satisfied with this change. I’ve always considered my work as an essential part of my life, but now I certainly feel even more motivated. What brought me most satisfaction was feeling I was integral to a work team. My transition back to full-time work was well received by everyone and I felt I was involved in every new project. It’s not something obvious or to be taken for granted, especially now that people are working from home, where the biggest risk is feeling ‘lonely’, especially as part of a constantly evolving working environment.

What do you expect from the future from a personal and professional point of view?

I have a lot of expectations, i hope I’ll always find new opportunities by offering my experience and dedication. Plus, I’m always ready to learn, as this is the beauty of the job.