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Marco Visconti, Sales Manager Pisa Branch


What were your thoughts when you joined Banca Ifis?

I started working at Banca Ifis over 10 years ago. What had struck me at the time was its proactive attitude and ability to innovate. Many things have changed since then, but these features have remained unaltered. I’m a Branch manager and there is a young and dynamic working environment focused on customer satisfaction.

What about your personal growth at Banca Ifis?

I started as a business developer. Compared to my previous professional experience, I learnt to work as part of a team and have a strong customer focus.  The bank then made me a very stimulating offer to oversee the opening of a new branch. It was and still is an absorbing project that enables me to grow on a professional and personal level on a daily basis.

What brought you most satisfaction at work?

The biggest challenge and satisfaction was being able to devote myself to the creation of a new branch and providing, in my own small way, my contribution to the growth of the bank. Now my daily satisfaction is supporting the development of younger colleagues. I feel a great responsibility towards them.

What do you expect from your future, both from a professional and personal point of view?

I’m part of a wonderful team and project, I only expect great things from the future.  If I close my eyes and think about coming years, I see myself in a leading role together with the bank.

Anything else you’d like to add?

To those who want to work at Banca Ifis, I’d say: put yourself out there and always get close-knit with your team. Ten years on, I can say it feels like family.