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Dario Zanellato, Digital & Web Innovation

Digital & Web Innovation


Tell us something about yourself

My educational background includes Economic studies (Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University) in Milan where I graduated in the specialisation Markets and company strategies. I have always wanted to understand how a company chooses certain strategies and actions to enter one market instead of another. Thanks to my studies I was able to analyse these specific aspects. Travelling is what definitely emerges as one of my interests because I believe it is fundamental for discovering different cultures and countries.

How long have you been working for Banca Ifis?

I have been working in Banca Ifis for more than a year, especially in the Digital Factory & Web Innovation, where we implement innovative and digital solutions that can improve the Customer experience at all times in its relations with the Bank. I starting working with Banca Ifis on an internship during my studies, and then chose to carry on doing so after I graduated. Because this sector is really evolving and its contamination with the fintech world is opening up unexplored scenarios. This is my first job experience and being able to work for a growing structure, always open to change, is a great opportunity and ongoing stimulus for me.

The first moments spent in the Bank?

From the very start I understood how important people are in Banca Ifis: you work with young, dynamic groups that are really united, just like a team, to achieve goals and push yourself even further, ready to face the new challenges emerging every day.

Which aspects do you like best about your job?

What I really love about my job is the continual push to improve the experience we offer our Customers, from all points of view. Thinking about how services can evolve and more generally relations with the Customer in the financial services world, exploiting the enormous potential digital innovation offers to make the experience simple and secure, is the main motor of my working days in the Bank

The most important lesson learnt in the Bank?

Banca Ifis is a stimulating environment with countless growth possibilities, both personal and for work. I believe it is fundamental to be flexible in this context; knowing how to adapt to every day challenges and how to work with different teams, even complex Bank structures, always contributing enthusiastically and proactively to improving the internal dialogue and flow of information.