I for “Impatto” (Impact)

The Economy of Beauty

The Economy of Beauty study encourages us to value the cultural, architectural, natural and manufacturing heritage of Italy that has marked the evolution of our country: from Benedictine monasteries to SMEs in the districts.

Banca Ifis is working in the context of Venice Biennale ​for the second consecutive year. We are acting as partners in the Venice Pavilion during the ​59th International Art Exhibition, entitled The Milk of Dreams, ​and are supporting the competition “​​Artefici del Nostro Tempo” (Creators of Our Time).​ 
This initiative is for young artists under 35, working in 10 artistic disciplines. The top works in each category will be exhibited at the Venice Pavilion at the Giardini della Biennale​; while the remaining works will be on show in Pavilion 29 at Forte Marghera in Mestre from June to December 2022.

​The Artefici del nostro tempo​ project is being promoted by the City of Venice, in collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Fondazione Forte Marghera, Venis Spa and Vela Spa.

The ​Market Watch project dedicated to the Economy of Beauty will also be returning for a second time, focusing on the value of Beauty. The study will focus on purpose-driven businesses.


Based on the data of 2019, the contribution of the Economy of Beauty to Italy’s GDP is estimated at 17.2% of the product as a whole. Of this percentage, 6% can be attributed to Italy’s natural, artistic and cultural heritage, and 11.2% to the country’s design-driven manufacturing industry. There are eight production sectors identified within this context: Agribusiness, Automotive and other means of transport, Mechanics, Other Manufacturing, Cosmetics, Fashion, Watchmaking and Jewellery, Home Systems, Arts and Crafts. Figures for Beauty in relation to Italy’s design-driven manufacturing system:
businesses (31% of the total)
billion €
turnover of design-driven businesses (46% of total annual revenue)
GDP generated in terms of added value

The video of Beauty

Dialogues on Beauty - Beauty that evolves

Jacopo Veneziani interviews Stefania Lazzaroni and Carlo Capasa.

Dialogues on beauty - Beauty that attracts

Jacopo Veneziani interviews Andrea Cancellato and Elisa Guidi.

Dialogues on beauty - Beauty as a cultural capital

The writer Jacopo Veneziani interviews Antonio Calabrò and Francesco Zurlo.

The Economy of Beauty - The Market Watch

The Economy of Beauty has its nucleus in the Italian historical, artistic, cultural and landscape heritage.


Banca Ifis & Padiglione Venezia: Economy of Beauty
The Market Watch aims to quantify the impact of Beauty through: defining the value of relationships and places where actors meet; the story of three different territorial experiences; and listening to the experiences of the protagonists of the sectors analyzed.

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