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Open Innovation to build the future-February 28th, Milan


The event will take place on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 in Milan; this being the third and last meeting of the cycle dedicated jointly by Banca IFIS and the European House Ambrosetti , to the issues related to the world of Fintech. The event, titled “Open Innovation to build the future the future“, will be the platform for a rich interaction between investors, startups and the banking system.

The main topics on the discussion table will be:

-The increasingly evident convergence between Fintech startups and traditional banking, in light of the increasingly frequent collaboration and/or acquisitions within these two domains.
-The need, by the banking system, to develop a pervasive entrepreneurial mindset from within , thus finding an “Italian way “ to the equation: Technology + Finance = Value.

Participation to the event is reserved and by invitation only.
Follow the live twitting and updates from the event via the bank’s social profiles with the hashtag #FintechF18.

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Open Innovation to build the future the future


Wednesday February28th, 2018