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Banca IFIS supports the Technology Forum of The European House Ambrosetti


Banca IFIS, once again for the fourth year in a row, is supporting the 2015 edition of the Technology ForumFostering the Ecosystems for Innovation“, organized by The European House – Ambrosetti.


This year the Technology Forum will not take place in Castelbrando (Treviso), as for previous editions, but in Milan – on Friday, May 22nd and Saturday May 23rd – on the 31st floor of the Pirelli skyscraper. The objective is that of having the forum headquarters in the same city that is hosting an international event such as the EXPO.


Banca IFIS Group, which on this occasion will be represented by the CEO Giovanni Bossi and the General Director Alberto Staccione, is focused on offering its stakeholders continuously new approaches – in terms of business – dialogue – communication and information sharing


More information are available at this link