Capital goods leasing

Tools for your business.

Our personalised leasing service will guarantee you the best solutions to support your business’ production requirements. Thanks to our modular service options, you can combine the offering that best suits your requirements, for expanding your business rapidly and efficiently.

Our capital goods are suitable for every area of your business and respond to requirements along the entire supply chain: from raw materials processing to finished goods. You have the option of investing in machine tools, agricultural machinery and earth moving equipment.

Thanks to a robust and flexible operating structure, we have developed leasing solutions that can cater for all production scales: from small trades, to sole contractors and small and medium-sized enterprises.

We are the specialists

Thanks to our experience, we will steer you, with targeted advice, towards the best solution for meeting your requirements.

We are fast to respond

Our aim is to respond to you in as a short a time as possible, providing you with full details and any further information you are looking for.

Modular solutions

Mix and match your package by choosing to add complementary products, such as manufacturing goods or machine tools.

Why only us?

Equipment for your business

You can choose from numerous leasing options for machine tools, earth moving equipment and agricultural machinery.

Office and IT leasing

You can get leasing for technology goods and office equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and multifunction printers.

Electromedical equipment

You have the option of leasing medical imaging equipment, diagnostic machines and electromedical devices.

Insurance cover for your leasing


Choose this modular personal insurance solution, with cover in the event of Death, Permanent Total Disability and Temporary Total Disability due to Accident or Illness, to protect your residual lease fee repayments

Promotional message, for the purpose of placement of insurance contracts. Before subscribing, please read the key information set on: , or obtain a hardcopy from the distribution network. Insurance cover under the LEASE&LIFE policy is underwritten by carriers AXA FRANCE VIE S.A. and AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). The GAP+ policy is underwritten by AXA FRANCE IARD S.A. (General Agent for Italy). Insurance products are distributed by Banca Ifis S.p.A.

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