Factoring for the International Market

Do you operate internationally? Obtain liquidity through factoring.

Is your company active in the international market or does it export to Italy? With our international factoring solutions, you can obtain immediate liquidity, by assigning us your trade receivables. In this way, you can free up financial resources for your business, as well as finally having the payment certainty and improving administrative management.

We put at your disposal our scenario know-how and our experience: we will help you grow through qualified advice and custom-made instruments.

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export factoring

Export factoring

If you are a company that exports abroad, you can assign your foreign trade receivables to us: we will manage them for you, providing you with immediate liquidity. You can also decide to transfer the risk of insolvency of the foreign customer to us.

import factoring

Import factoring

If your company operates in the international market or exports to Italy, with our Import factoring solutions, you can have immediate liquidity and choose to have protection against the risk of non-payment by your customers.

Available options

Under receivables assignment arrangements, we can advance capital which, for you, means it is cash in hand.

You can decide to assign your receivables to us in two ways:

  • Under the non-recourse option: you collect a percentage on the nominal value of each invoice, transferring the risk of non-payment by your foreign customer to us. We oversee receivables collection management directly;
  • Under the recourse option: we manage the collection of your assigned receivables and provide you with liquidity; in this case, the service does not provide a guarantee against non-payment by your customers.


With our solutions you can:

  • Get a cash advance;
  • Obtain efficient receivables management for your business;
  • Evaluate the financial robustness of your current and potential customers; 
  • Guarantee your exporting business protection from the risk of foreign customer insolvency, by opting for the non-recourse solution.

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