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Professionals. Really.

Independence and freedom to manage capital, to choose the best tools and partners, to work with peace of mind and without wasting time. Licensed Professionals, primarily want to be independent and free. That is why we are here.

Leasing and rental (via Ifis Rental Services), deposit accounts, purchase of trade receivables and the assignment of receivables in relation to bankruptcy procedures.  Find out more about our solutions.

Leasing e noleggio per professionisti

Leasing and Rental

Your business deserves the best tools

Choose alternative options for the purchase of capital goods, technology or cars with Leasing by Banca Ifis and rental by Ifis Rental Services.

Acquisto crediti da procedure concorsuali

Receivables Purchasing from Insolvency Procedures

With Fastfinance, we acquire trade receivables, disputed receivables and those under insolvency procedures.

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