Supply Chain Finance

Supporting supply chains.

We have been operating in Italy for more than thirty years, supporting supply chains by partnering Italian businesses. Our experience translates into highly professional products, created for meeting the needs of Large and Medium Corporate. Each project is managed by a team of professionals, offering trusted and in-depth experience.

Digital supply chain

We have created an innovative factoring product, combining assignment and early payment of invoices, against the option of obtaining further extended payment terms available to industrial groups that want to support their suppliers.

Thanks to full process digitalisation, transactions for advances may be executed in a few simple steps.



We finance and support businesses working in supply chains, guaranteeing paying the supplier invoices on the due date, presented by an industrial group customer under a payment order. The industrial group customer may defer repaying the amount advanced by the Bank, thereby improving its working capital.

Reverse factoring

We offer industrial groups and their suppliers a banking partner specialised in the assignment and advancing of invoices through factoring. The industrial group customer thus has the option of agreeing a payment extension for amounts advanced to suppliers, thereby improving its working capital.


Supply Chain Management

We offer a fully digital experience to business for monitoring and managing the supply chain.

Thanks to the digital signature option, designed specifically for the Ifis4business portal, buyers may easily confirm or recognise invoices assigned by their suppliers under factoring arrangements, or directly upload invoices under the Confirming scheme or self-billing.

Via Ifis4business, it is possible to monitor the status of payments, request extended terms, adjust any credit facilities granted by the Bank, distributing them across the various suppliers according to forecast sales revenue.

Through the function “Refer a new supplier”, the buyer may strengthen its Supply Chain by asking the Bank to activate a factoring arrangement for new partner companies.

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