We are as ambitious as you

We think on a large scale for your projects and we do it starting from the details, those special features that make your company unique.

Structured Finance: capital for your business

We support the non-operating stages in the life of your company and we provide the capital necessary to implement your projects.

Advisory: ideas for your future

The advice you need to steer your company through an extraordinary growth project.

Equity Investment

We offer support for sustaining the stages of growth of your company and we evaluate, where possible, investing directly, together with you, in the venture.

Factoring IAS compliant

IAS Compliant Factoring

Our factoring products are intended for Large Corporate businesses looking to assign their receivables to obtain immediate liquid funds, thereby protecting the business from the risk of assigned customer default.

Supply Chain Finance

We have been operating in Italy for more than thirty years, supporting supply chains by partnering Italian businesses. Our experience translates into highly professional products, created for meeting the needs of large corporations.

Purchase of tax receivables

We are experts in purchasing tax credits. We offer support to each individual customer, thanks to our experience, expertise and coverage of Italy.

Leasing e noleggio

Leasing and Rental: freedom for your business

Designed to meet the flexibility needs of companies, and to guarantee qualified advisory services, maximum customisation and rapid response.

Time Deposits: tailored returns

Time Deposit is a form of investment with high returns and with a high degree of customisation.

Ifis Impresa Conto Corrente

Launched to make transactions with our customers easier and faster, it is a current account designed around the needs of businesses operating in Italy and in international markets.

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