Transparency and dialogue

We interact with customers, investors and shareholders and with the people working for us. Thanks to these relationships and technological tools, such as events and surveys, we are able to identify the various needs, enabling us to target our actions more effectively, with the aim of offering the best possible experience to all our stakeholders.


Through surveys and newsletters, we keep customers up to date by asking them their opinions and for their support, to ensure our offering level is always targeted and appropriately meets customers’ needs

Our activities:

  • Periodic quality surveys and dedicated newsletters;
  • Events on innovation, change and relationships;
  • Video tutorials and e-books on services and products;
  • Social media channels via which we endeavour to provide a timely response in each channel, every time;
  • Customer care via weband social media

Shareholders, investors and analysts

Through our Investor Relations we ensure timely and transparent disclosure on financial performance and business operations. At various times of the year, in Italy and abroad, Management meets with institutional investors to analyse performance and macroeconomic market dynamics

Our activities:

  • Roadshows and conferences in Italy, Europe and the USA and conference calls with management;
  • Specific events for networking between listed companies and the market;
  • Quarterly financial reports and Annual financial statements;
  • Financial highlights on social media;
  • Research and analysis on the Italian market.

Media relations

Through our Press and External Relations Office we endeavour to provide timely and transparent communication. We create content, analyses and events of interest, regarding the Italian and international financial market, and on innovation, in the forms of Fintech and Manufacturing 4.0. We cultivate relationships with associations and institutions, especially for supporting businesses and the real economy

Our activities:

  • Events (e.g. NPL Meetings and press conferences);
  • Institutional Relations meetings;
  • Italian market research and analysis.

Our Team of people

Dialogue with the people working within the Group is key: integration, co-operation and harnessing continually new challenges are the values we promote, thanks to a structured nd ad hoc internal communication strategy.

Our activities:

  • Corporate Intranet with editorial program with special editorial staff;
  • Events and conventions.

Materiality analysis

The materiality analysis represents an important tool for identifying the key sustainability issues that need to be monitored, thanks to integrating requests from external stakeholders and corporate strategies

The materiality analysis process is aimed at identifying the most relevant social, environmental, economic and governance or “material” issues for the Group and for the parties concerned, considering their impacts on business and on stakeholders. We structure the process into various stages: document and context analysis, exchange with internal and external stakeholders and relevant feedback, presented in the form of a materiality matrix, a two-dimensional graphic in which issues are mapped based on their relevance.

Internal relevance was defined through meetings with Top Management and the main contacts at subsidiaries, to assess their strategic importance for the Banca Ifis operations and any impacts that they may generate. As regards external relevance, the Group has analysed the needs of all stakeholder categories

Specifically, to improve the materiality analysis process, from 2019, we have introduced web listening, as a new listening method. This activity, which is part of the «Fattore I» project, has allowed us to give a voice and new measurement to customer expectations, specifically, SMEs, through a neutral and large-scale survey of reference market expectations, by listening to web conversations and interactions.


Materiality matrix

The matrix groups the “material” issues identified by the analysis and prioritises them according to their strategic relevance for corporate business, based on their likelihood of generating impacts. This year’s findings are in line with those of from the previous year, and are summarised under four pillars: Ifis Integrity, Ifis People, Ifis Customers and Ifis Responsibility .

Find out more about the materiality analysis (from pages 23 to 26).

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