Negotiations for the acquisition of a 70.77% stake in Farbanca S.p.A.

Mestre (Venice), 11 May 2020 – Following the recent press reports, Banca Ifis informs that, until May 29th, it is in exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of 70,77% of the shareholders’ capital of Farbanca S.p.A., a company owned by Banca Popolare di Vicenza. The market will be promptly updated of… Read More

Binding offer made for acquisition of 70,77% interest in Farbanca SpA

Mestre (Venice), 10 April 2020 – Today Banca IFIS presented a binding offer for the acquisition of 70,77% of the share capital of Farbanca SpA, a company owned by Banca Popolare di Vicenza, in compulsory administrative liquidation. The remaining 29,23% is held by 450 small shareholders, mainly pharmacists. The offer… Read More

Banca IFIS: BoD approves the 2019 preliminary results

Dividend increases to 1,10 Euro per share . Consolidated net profit for the year: 123,1 million Euro. In 12 months the CET1 ratio rises to 10,96%. Retail funding: 4,8 billion Euro reached. RECLASSIFIED DATA • Proposed divided up by 5% to 1,10 Euro per share for a total dividend… Read More

Banca IFIS: Three-year business plan. Net profit of 147 million Euro in 2022 with significant growth in core businesses and less extraordinary business. Investments of 60 million Euro and 190 new employees.

FINANCIAL TARGETS FOR 2022 – Increase in sustainable profit to 147 million Euro to further improve financial solidity and support growth, whilst also ensuring payment of a significant dividend to shareholders; – ROTE to climb to 8.9%, indicating that the Group is well positioned in the most profitable segments of… Read More

Public disclosure obligations

Mestre (Venice), 13 November 2019 – In compliance with the Instructions of ‘Regulations of the Markets Organised and Managed by Borsa Italiana’ (Title IA.2, Section IA.2.1, Art. IA.2.1.3), the Company hereby announces that the 2019 dividend, where approved, will be paid in May 2020. To avoid doubt, no decision has… Read More