Banca IFIS sells 861 million euro worth of NPLs

Mestre (Venice), October 25, 2016 – Banca IFIS announces it has defined the details of a negotiation for the sale of an unsecured non-performing loans portfolio in the Italian consumer credit sector. The counterparty to this deal, which has allowed Banca IFIS to achieve capital gains, is an International player… Read More

Banca IFIS, two more NPL deals

Mestre (Venice), September 15 – Banca IFIS closed two deals for the purchase of about 420 million euro (nominal value) worth of NPLs. The first deal, closed with a leading company in the unsecured consumer purpose credit sector, will see the transfer of 35 million euro (nominal value) of unsecured… Read More

Banca IFIS continues to buy NPLs

Mestre (Venice), July 7, 2016 – With eight purchase deals and about 2.3 billion Euro of NPLs purchased so far in 2016, Banca IFIS confirms that it is one of the most active companies in the non-performing loans sector, focusing particularly on the unsecured consumer credit segment in which it… Read More

Banca IFIS sells 226 million euro worth of NPLs

Mestre (Venice), July 1, 2016 – Banca IFIS subscribed a transfer contract of a portfolio of unsecured Non-Performing Loans in the Italian consumer credit market with a with a company that operates in the financial market. Subject of the operation is a non-performing loans portfolio of 226 million euro (nominal… Read More

Banca IFIS buys 70 million euro of Non-Performing Loans

Mestre (Venice), May 23, 2016 – Banca IFIS has purchased a non-performing loans portfolio from the primary market of unsecured consumer credit. The portfolio – the fourth purchased in the first five months of 2016 – has a nominal value of over 70 million euro, corresponding to 5.900 positions… Read More