Public disclosure obligations

Mestre (Venice), 13 November 2019 – In compliance with the Instructions of ‘Regulations of the Markets Organised and Managed by Borsa Italiana’ (Title IA.2, Section IA.2.1, Art. IA.2.1.3), the Company hereby announces that the 2019 dividend, where approved, will be paid in May 2020. To avoid doubt, no decision has… Read More

Banca IFIS: zero impact from new regulation on NPLs for new loans disbursed from March 14, 2018

With reference to the news published today's afternoon by news agencies which states that the new rules relating to the treatment and the provisions on deteriorated assets will only apply to new loans disbursed starting from March 14, 2018, Banca IFIS specifies that none of the loans that belong to the NPL portfolio owned by Banca IFIS were disbursed after March 14, 2018. The impact of the new regulation with reference to the date of application is therefore null. Read More