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Banca IFIS received the capital requirements set by Banca d’Italia for 2017

Inside information

The banking institute is confident to respect them even after the acquisition of GE Capital Interbanca


Milan, 21 December 2016 – Banca IFIS informs that Banca d’Italia (Bank of Italy) has sent the results concerning Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). The request, starting since 01/01/2017, foresees that the banking institute has to respect, on a consolidated basis, the following capital requirements:

  • Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio (CET1 ratio) of 6.6%;
  • A minimum Tier 1 Ratio of 8,4%;
  • Total Capital Ratio of 10,7%.

Banca IFIS specifies that at the moment of the acquisition of GE Capital Interbanca, finalized on 30 November 2016, both companies highlighted good capital requirements. Amongst these the CET1 ratios, which for Banca IFIS was 15,8% at 30 September 2016 and for GE Capital Interbanca was 26,9% at 30 June 2016.