Banca Ifis is looking for people like you

To grow in a dynamic environment with outstanding professionals.

The climate and relationships are informal to foster dialogue and the ability to play an active part in helping the company achieve results. People enjoy autonomy and responsibility, as this can help them gain visibility and seize opportunities for growth. Many career paths, programmes and initiatives address the needs of our #IfisPeople and our inclusive and sustainable corporate culture.

Opportunities arise for those who can see them

People are at the heart of the transformation of Banca Ifis; we recognise the value of skills and experience gained over the years. People like you, with specific expertise and technical skills, help to consolidate our assets and give us further impetus to find new solutions and respond to the needs of our customers.

The challenges to be faced

Foresee new needs

Devising new financial products and services that respond to new market needs.

Build new relationships

Building strategic partnerships to transform and grow the business.

Ongoing education for excellence and growth

Sharing a common corporate culture by enhancing and increasing everyone’s know-how lies at the heart of the leadership model of Banca Ifis and the training path that it offers.

Opportunities arise for those who can see them

At Banca Ifis we will challenge, inspire and empower you to be a leader every day. It all depends on what interests you most of all. Building relationships and sales processes? Innovation and digitisation? Commercial or legal aspects? These are just a few hints, so start exploring all our opportunities.

The challenges to be faced

Leader in the digital field

Act as a leader for digital transformation.

Build new relationships

Always be curious and create sustainable connections.

Ongoing education for excellence and growth

Banca Ifis is the bank that rewards know-how and always welcomes new ideas. It invests in talent and values the development of skills.

Invest in your growth

Your experience and skills are the guarantee of our future success. And that is why we invest in ongoing growth with training projects and tools for all enterprising #IfisPeople, because we believe growth and meritocracy go hand in hand. 

Ifis Academy is the training, promotion and development centre for Banca Ifis’ talent. Stemming from the commitment of our management to involve internal organisational structures with internationally renowned partners and top business schools.

Inspired by the Bank’s leadership model, it is a management school that constantly enhances the technical and behavioural skills of all its people, Ifis People.

Ifis Talent is our Talent Management System: the platform designed to coordinate the processes of training, development and management of employees, in accordance with the needs of each resource and those of the organisation. This digital space consists of several areas with useful tools: Continuous Feedback is based on the principle of exchanging opinions, between colleagues from different areas, or with one’s boss, to improve personal awareness and to acquire new references and behavioural methods. 

One of our goals is to welcome new colleagues and make them feel like valued members of Banca Ifis from the start.  

The purpose of the onboarding process is not only to extend an official welcome, but also to support new colleagues, provide them with the information they need to familiarise themselves with the organisational context, and offer them opportunities to meet and get to know colleagues in other departments.  

This is what it includes: 

  • The welcome mail officially introduces new colleagues to the world of Banca Ifis, giving all the information they need to get started in our organisation; 
  • The mentoring process is a way to provide concrete and practical help with work duties from day one. A mentor offers feedback and support to help you define the activities and the skills you need during this initial phase; 
  • The training activities included in the onboarding process serve to disseminate internal rules, key procedures and key regulations and products to enable new colleagues to become comfortable in their new environment; 
  • The Welcome Day, a celebratory day all about welcoming new colleagues. During the day you can consolidate your business knowledge and get a closer look at our leadership model.  

Our Continuous Feedback service is based on the promotion of networking opportunities related to work activities and the provision of useful and timely tools to consolidate or develop personal skills and to play an active part in the development and growth of Ifis People. 

The logic of the tool is based on this very point: with constant interaction between managers and employees, it is possible to better define individual responsibilities, propose strategies for development and improvement, and monitor the progress of performance and of the various initiatives. This tool, which is made available on Ifis Talent and can also be used by colleagues in different departments, is intended to encourage mutual listening and foster interpersonal communication.