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We are looking for brilliant, ambitious people, who know how to face challenges and seize opportunities.

Banca Ifis is an evolving banking Group, specialised in diversified businesses and with a strategy focussed on sustaining the real economy. People working for it live their daily challenges enthusiastically, as professionals sharing values and goals, knowing how to grasp opportunities, and creating successful teams.

Our Values


Reliability and respect for people and the environment are our guiding principles.


Openness to dialogue and helpful collaboration form the basis of our relationship with all our stakeholders.


We always seek to improve; and each milestone is a new starting point for continuous growth.


The knowledge and passion of our people allow us to offer an invaluable service for our customers.

Mission and Vision

Our figures

Last update: 31 March 2021





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hours of training provided in 2019

Professional growth areas

We offer stimulating, diversified professional growth paths. Strong result-orientation, passion, continual learning and wanting to collaborate are the characteristics common to all career paths.

More specifically, we are recruiting brilliant professionals in the following areas:

  • Legal and Litigation, with legal practice and expertise in the contracts, opinions and management of litigation. Place of work: Venice-Mestre.
  • Finance, with prior experience in consultancy/auditing firms, specifically aimed at the banking sector. Place of work: Venice-Mestre and Milan.
  • ICT specialized in the DWH data model, with technical and functional skills related to banking processes and wanting to manage challenging projects. Place of work: Venice-Mestre.
  • Credit assessment, with risk assessment skills acquired, preferably, in the corporate field and with decision-making autonomy. Place of work: Venice-Mestre.
  • Ifis Npl Servicing Judicial area, who have practised law and with expertise in civil law and credit collection. Place of work: Florence/Marghera.
  • Ifis Npl Servicing out-of-court area, with a decree in economics, law or similar studies, preferably with prior experience in credit collection, commercial promotion or customer care. Place of work: Florence/Ravenna.
  • Due Diligence of NPL portfolios, with degree in economics or law and prior experience in coordinating the stages related to assessing the effectiveness and consistency of loans being acquired and assessment of management and operational impacts resulting from the potential processing of distressed credit portfolios. Place of work: Florence/ Milan

Territorial presence

We have a capillary presence all over Italy: the parent company Headquarters is in Venice Mestre and is flanked by the main offices in Florence, Milan, Mondovì, Roma, Naples and Ravenna. The Italian presence is guaranteed by our 26 commercial branches. Internationally, we are present in Poland and Romania. Offices all over Italy and home working will be your place of work.

Ifis Learning Academy

The goal of the Ifis Learning Academy is to generate, spread and preserve expertise. It has several faculties operational in the areas of Business, People Management, Operational Effectiveness & Digital Innovation. The Ifis Learning Academy offers classroom teaching, web training and coaching. On joining Banca Ifis, you are welcomed with a specific plan, enabling you to learn about the Bank, its business and values.


Alongside remuneration, we offer a structured package including benefits and welfare solutions to accompany your career in the Bank.

Diversity and Inclusion

We promote a inclusive context, valuing diversity. Personnel distribution by gender shows that 54% are women and 46% men. 41% of those holding positions of responsibility are women. The ratio between the basic salary of women compared to that of men, by professional category, is constantly assessed and monitored by the Bank.

Selection process

Would you like to join our team? Apply for one of our vacancies or send us a spontaneous candidacy. We will assess your profile carefully.

How does the selection process work? Our recruiters will contact you for an exploratory interview and you will then be invited to one or more technical interviews, managed by the hiring manager and by HR. In some cases, you will be able to test the assessment centre with individual and group tests.

You have been selected? You will join and collaborate with a team of professionals living daily challenges enthusiastically, sharing values and goals and who know how to grasp opportunities in a continually evolving context.

Ifis People talk about themselves

Annalisa and Dario talk about their experience: the path that led them to Banca Ifis and the challenges faced daily with passion.

Tell us something about yourself

I was born and grew up in Rome, and began working very young handling the administration of a shop in franchising. That is where discovered my passion for the numbers world. So I decided to enrol in Business Economics when I was already 25, and kept on working in an accountant’s office while studying. At 30 I had the chance to join an office of the CNA (national confederation of artisanship) to supply financial services to SMEs, getting closer to the banking world. Then I joined Banca Ifis. I already knew the bank because I was a customer of Rendimax and as soon as I had the chance to send in my candidacy for a post in the Rome office, I wasted no time!

In my private life, like in my job, I enjoy cultivating human relationships and am a very curious person interested in novelties. I am at my best working in a team which I believe is the true key to success. I like travelling in my free time. My main passion is sailing, watching land while being rocked by the waves.

Then, about 11 months ago, I became the mother of a splendid little boy, Fernando. He has turned my perfect daily balance upside-down and is my greatest joy. Fernando was who gave me the energy to get back to work soon, with greater motivation and achieving excellent results.

How long have you been working for Banca Ifis?

I have been working in Banca Ifis for 6 and a half years. A first, for two years, I was a member of a customer management team. Now for 4 years I have been a commercial developer for the Rome branch; a role where I can express my interpersonal skills and which really satisfies me.

The first moments spent in the Bank?

The first weeks flanked in the Bank are difficult to forget. I was welcomed really well and met skilled, professional people straight away; they enabled me to fit into the Bank’s world with great ease. From the first few weeks, I learnt what it meant to work for Banca Ifis: a dynamic, serene, informal environment where you put passion into your work. Compared to an ordinary bank, we are all extremely willing and prompt when responding to requests from both customers and colleagues.

Which aspects do you like best about your job?

The most gratifying aspect of my job is definitely the relations with customers and colleagues. I also like achieving the objectives they set me: to achieve my goals, I am pushed to do my best and I let my adrenaline flow. Achieving a target is a success for both me and the customer requesting the loan and managing to obtain it. It’s a great responsibility where I try to do my best thanks to solid experience.

The most important lesson learnt in the Bank?

The most important lesson was when I asked for an obtained to move from the position of manager to that of commercial developer. I really put myself to the test in that step and got the confirmation that I was a flexible person who adapts to situations fast, and knows how to deal with new challenges with a positive attitude, basically to stay concentrated and make your dreams come true.

Lastly, the latest challenge I recently had to deal with and passed satisfactorily in the Bank was returning from maternity leave. i realised that returning to work was not an insuperable hurdle, but a really fluid step. I had really never stopped being in the Bank and being involved in all the commercial projects, like a communication thread that had never broken!

Tell us something about yourself

My educational background includes Economic studies (Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University) in Milan where I graduated in the specialisation Markets and company strategies. I have always wanted to understand how a company chooses certain strategies and actions to enter one market instead of another. Thanks to my studies I was able to analyse these specific aspects. Travelling is what definitely emerges as one of my interests because I believe it is fundamental for discovering different cultures and countries.

How long have you been working for Banca Ifis?

I have been working in Banca Ifis for more than a year, especially in the Digital Factory & Web Innovation, where we implement innovative and digital solutions that can improve the Customer experience at all times in its relations with the Bank. I starting working with Banca Ifis on an internship during my studies, and then chose to carry on doing so after I graduated. Because this sector is really evolving and its contamination with the fintech world is opening up unexplored scenarios. This is my first job experience and being able to work for a growing structure, always open to change, is a great opportunity and ongoing stimulus for me.

The first moments spent in the Bank?

From the very start I understood how important people are in Banca Ifis: you work with young, dynamic groups that are really united, just like a team, to achieve goals and push yourself even further, ready to face the new challenges emerging every day.

Which aspects do you like best about your job?

What I really love about my job is the continual push to improve the experience we offer our Customers, from all points of view. Thinking about how services can evolve and more generally relations with the Customer in the financial services world, exploiting the enormous potential digital innovation offers to make the experience simple and secure, is the main motor of my working days in the Bank

The most important lesson learnt in the Bank?

Banca Ifis is a stimulating environment with countless growth possibilities, both personal and for work. I believe it is fundamental to be flexible in this context; knowing how to adapt to every day challenges and how to work with different teams, even complex Bank structures, always contributing enthusiastically and proactively to improving the internal dialogue and flow of information.

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