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Why transfer your business’ tax receivables?

The transfer of tax receivables is an important opportunity for companies that hold receivables from the tax authorities.

The main benefits of the transfer of tax receivables are:

  • Expediting of collection: as some receivables require resources and time for successful collection. The transfer of receivables without recourse can expedite closing without the need to wait for the lengthy repayment process.
  • Immediate liquidity: entrepreneurs can invest the money by taking advantage of the transfer of receivables to obtain immediate liquidity;
  • Savings in terms of cost and resources in managing these receivables;
  • Improvement of corporate balance sheet ratios;
  • Local assistance: guaranteed by a Sales Manager who will assist the transferor in all phases, up to the stipulation of the credit/tax receivables;
  • Completion of the transfer contract: at a local Notary’s Office.

The Banca Ifis Group, through the Fast Finance Business Unit, offers free of charge and without any commitment, and in a transparent and professional way, the analysis of the tax receivables (due diligence) as an essential service for the stipulation of tax receivables.

The tax team has specialised skills in the legal, economic, tax and financial fields and is responsible for verifying the conformity of every tax compliance and operation carried out by the company in the period of time that falls within the scope of the acquisition.

The specialised personnel also offer guidance every step of the way.

Fast Finance proposes acquisition of the following types of tax receivables without recourse:

  • Receivables deriving from VAT refunds
  • Receivables deriving from IRES/IRPEG refunds
  • Receivables deriving from IRAP refunds
  • Receivables deriving from IRES refunds for failure to deduct IRAP pursuant to art. 6, Legislative Decree 185/2008 and pursuant to art. 2, Legislative Decree 201/2011;
  • Tax credits from DTA conversion;
  • Film tax credit;
  • Other types of transferable tax or tax credits.

Fast Finance offers expertise, advice and support at all stages of credit management in order to make the process of assistance with the transfer more efficient.


Massimiliano Tacoli

Tax Receivables Manager

I have been working for Fast Finance since it was first established in 2004. In just a few years it became the leading company in the sector of purchasing tax receivables from insolvency procedures. When this business joined Toscana Finanza and Banca Ifis, I continued to work as Commercial Manager in the tax receivables area. I have been responsible for the entire Business Unit since January 2022.