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Technology rental: why is it a valid alternative to purchasing?

Imagine if there was an alternative to purchasing smartphones, tablets and notebooks. No need, it already exists. In fact, many companies have been renting technology for years and recently this opportunity has also been extended to private individuals, so-called consumers. Technology upgrading, flexibility and protection are just some of the advantages of this solution, as Eleonora Stefani, Innovation & Business Development consultant at Banca Ifis, tells us.

What do we mean by technology rental?

Traditionally used by business customers, the technology rental solutions provided by Ifis Rental services are now also available to private customers. These solutions enable companies and individuals to get the technology devices they need, when they need them, in exchange for a periodic fee.

Thanks to its partnerships with Apple Premium Resellers, Ifis Rental Services offers private customers the possibility of renting only the latest devices. Technology rental to private individuals guarantees high-performance products and state-of-the-art technology with the convenience of a flat rate fee and the opportunity of using devices at the peak of their potential.

The devices are also protected by a total or partial damage warranty* and at the end of the contract they are returned and the customer has the possibility renting new ones. In this way, not only can the customer always use the models most in line with their needs, they can also avoid accumulating obsolete technology in the home. Returned devices can be recycled or reused as part of a circular economy process with only the latest devices made available for rental.

How does the rental service provided by Ifis Rental Services work?

Unlike purchases and financing, rental does not involve ownership of the asset, enabling the customer to upgrade their device while avoiding the problems associated with obsolescence. The devices are also covered by theft, partial and total damage protection which Ifis Rental Services takes out to protect its assets*. Customers can therefore use the devices for the duration of the contract before returning them and deciding whether they want to rent new ones.

The rental service can be requested in stores or online from the websites of participating Apple Premium Resellers. To get your device, you need to finalise the quote with the help of the partner in store or directly on the Juice website from the comfort of your own home. The onboarding process is quick and easy. All you have to do is:

  • Choose the rental contract length that best fits your needs: 12, 24 or 36 months;
  • Upload the documents and identify yourself;
  • Complete the evaluation and, if successful, sign the contract;
  • Pick up the device in store or, if the request was made online, receive it directly at home.

What are the main advantages of renting rather than buying?

The biggest advantages of renting include:

  • Guaranteed technology upgrading: with rental, customers can easily upgrade their devices without accumulating obsolete technology;
  • Controlled spending: rental allows you to plan your technology investment, avoiding an initial outlay for the purchase of the device or a large final instalment typical of other solutions. Customers simply pay their fee in simple periodic instalments.
  • Flexibility: rental allows you to choose the duration of your contract according to your needs. At the end of the contract the asset will be returned and you can take out another contract for a new device.
  • Protection: with Ifis Rental Services, devices are protected against theft, total and partial damage thanks to the insurance policy taken out by Ifis Rental Services to protect its devices*.

*The policy is taken out by Ifis Rental Services to protect its assets. Check out the terms and conditions of the contract and the insurance policy in the Documents section of the page