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The StreetNetwork contest: Web users come into play to choose contomax’s look


The Jury has come to a decision. As from 1 November, the works of art in the final of the StreetNetwork contest for contomax, Banca IFIS’s crowd current account presently being developed, will be on-line. From midnight tonight to 26 November, web users will have the job of voting for their favourite piece on the website and, hence, deciding on contomax’s future graphics and image. The Jury met over the last few days and chose 13 finalists. The street artists who took part in the contest and their entries were many and varied. The pieces had to reflect the concept of the social network as seen through the eyes of street artists, hence the name StreetNetwork. “I am particularly happy with the opportunity that has been given to the, now well-known, art of street art and writing,” said the Chairman of the Jury, Fabiola Naldi, art critic, curator and professor. “The artists went beyond the stereotypical images of the banking world and enveloped themselves in the social logic of the project. The finalists hit the mark full on. Now it’s over to the hyperdemocracy of the web to make the final decision!” So, from 1 to 26 November web users will once again become the protagonists – having already contributed to identifying the services that the future current account will offer – by voting for their favourite work of art and, in so doing, thanks to a click, deciding upon contomax’s official “look”.  The winning artist will receive a prize of 4,000 euro and can exhibit his/her work live in an event to be held on 3 December in an attractive context, details to follow in November. Vote, vote, vote!!