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StreetNetwork: Riccardo Bernucci has been chosen by the Web


The piece of artwork that will become Contomax’s image. Web users have voted for the highly futuristic artwork of this young artist from Genoa. The prize-giving ceremony, set for 3 December, will begin with a live event at Santa Lucia Station in Venice, and will be followed by the official ceremony at Banca IFIS in Mestre. Mestre, 27 November 2012 – Riccardo Bernucci has won Banca IFIS’s StreetNetwork Contest as it is his artwork that received the most clicks by web users on the site dedicated to Banca IFIS’s crowd current account currently being developed. The winning piece of artwork will be used to create contomax’s image and the artist who created this work will receive a prize of 4 thousand Euro. The voting phase was officially closed at midnight last night with the young Genoese artist standing out from the other competitors thanks to the strong visual impact and futuristic overtones of his work.
Bernucci explains the logic behind his artwork: “I chose to represent the network and the information that flows through it in a personal way through the use of a net in which the spheres show the various points of communication of the social network and the moving geometric shapes represent the flow of information through which people interact daily.”
After the jury had chosen the thirteen finalists, the democracy of the web came into play and from the 1st to the 26th of November web users were asked to vote for their favourite piece. People from all over Italy voted to decide upon the overall winner. The battle of the artists was hard-won as all the competitors had unleashed their creativity and produced extremely original and worthy pieces. In the end, Riccardo Bernucci stood out and has, hence, become the first artist to establish a real link between street art and the banking world. He will recreate this piece live at Santa Lucia Station in Venice on Monday 3 December – an authentically live event that will involve the entire StreetNetwork community, firstly in an open air exhibition and then, later, in the official prize-giving ceremony to be held at 18.30 at Villa Fürstenberg in Mestre (Venice), Banca IFIS’s impressive Headquarters.
At 22 years old, Raquem90, the nickname he goes by, has always been keen on art in all its forms. After finishing middle school, he decided to enroll in the Paul Klee-N.Barabino Senior School of Arts. In the ensuing five years, he refined his skills to the extent that he took part in and won two painting competitions, the prize for one of them being a 10-day-trip to New York. It was during this trip that Riccardo got to know and fall in love with street art, its culture and its different interpretations. At the University of Architecture in Genoa, where he studies Industrial Design, Riccardo has combined his writing techniques to graphic design. This is how he created his highly personal interpretation, combining the moving lines typical of street art to the precision typical of graphics. Being a fan of “;Land Art”; he tries to realize his artwork in residential areas, endeavouring to create a sort of geometric style that can adapt to and furnish our every-day life.