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Quantitative Easing and mutualization: Giovanni Bossi on WEF

There is just one day to go in Davos, where tomorrow the 2015 World Economic Forum – the annual meeting focusing on the economy and finance, as well as political and social systems, innovation and technology – will come to an end.

Also among the participants for the 4th consecutive year, Giovanni Bossi, CEO of Banca IFIS, attended the forum and has expressed his opinions online about the sentiment towards Italy in Davos and about the ECB’s decision. The CEO of Banca IFIS who has followed the work and, at the same time it is

In a Twitter Q&A the CEO replied to questions about Davos and the topics discussed such as economic scenarios, Italian and European politics, injections of confidence and liquidity by the European Central Bank, which announced on Thursday  that it would begin quantitative easing. The ECB is to purchase EU government bonds – up to 60 billion per month – until 2016, equivalent to a monetary stimulus of at least €600 billion.

This was good news for European markets and stocks, which reacted very positively after the announcement. However, the credit risk of most of the bonds bought, equal to 80%, will remain on national budgets, essentially preventing the sharing  of the risk, something for which Italy had also fought.

Giovanni Bossi, who participated in the broadcast of Class CNBC on Wednesday live from Davos, supported the risk sharing-option, a choice that would have prompted investors to be more confident towards Italy.

In an editorial published by the website, Giovanni Bossi has collected opinions and thoughts after the opening night and the first day of meetings in Davos, stressing in particular that the WEF 2015, right from the start, appeared much more “Italian” than previous editions .

Finally, the news agency Radiocor (Il Sole 24 Ore) asked, directly in Davos, the opinion of Mr. Bossi about the measures of the European Central Bank on Thursday, January 22nd. The interview has been published on the Italian Stock Exchange website of the and is available by clicking here.