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No stamp tax for rendimax customers


No cost for our customers!”- rendimax promptly and clearly answers to the many questions that lots of savers are asking in these days on the new taxation system, the proportional tax, on financial products, bank accounts, savings accounts, equal to 1 per thousand for the year 2012. The pillars on which the rendimax savings account is built are confirmed: high-yield savings account, completely free, online account opening and management, high-quality customer service exclusively dedicated to this product, no promotions, totally exempt from opening and management costs, exclusive payment card (authorized on the Bancomat/Pagobancomat and Cirrus/Maestro circuits). Banca IFIS will take on this new tax, continuing to offer innovation, different savings account formulas depending on different needs, and the best return on the market in its category, aside from promotional offers.