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Leasing Partners: Banca IFIS Impresa and Jungheinrich Italiana become “allies” to support business innovation

Business and Manufacturing

Mestre, 3 October 2018 – Today leasing can play a major role in the process of the technological renewal of Italian companies. For this reason, the Leasing business unit of Banca IFIS Impresa and Jungheinrich Italiana have signed an important commercial partnership agreement to support companies in the strategic and fundamental area of innovation.

Thanks to this new strategic alliance, business customers of Jungheinrich Italiana can make use of the contractual leasing proposals offered by Banca IFIS Impresa to acquire goods from suppliers, under the terms and conditions established in the agreement. Additionally, the new leasing contract allows for the possibility to acquire the asset in question when the lease is up.

“The agreement signed with Jungheinrich Italiana represents a significant and prestigious market opportunity and is a recognition of the supporting role that Banca IFIS plays for the businesses in its area and the real economy,” stated Massimo Macciocchi, the Leasing Director of Banca IFIS Impresa. “This partnership confirms that Banca IFIS is an increasingly frequent reference point for companies, both in terms of access to innovative financial solutions and in terms of the possibility to communicate with a team of professionals ready to listen to the true needs of an Italy that produces. We have created the foundation for a constructive collaboration between two leaders.”

Jungheinrich Italiana. Jungheinrich Italiana, a branch of the German multinational Jungheinrich AG, is a leading provider of warehouse logistics in Europe, offering storage systems with various types of shelving, innovative movement methods, advanced software for integrated digital management of all activities and automation. Jungheinrich Italiana has been working in Italy for over 60 years, with 7 direct branches and 2 regional centres, with a qualified direct assistance network of over 500 specialists.

Banca IFIS Impresa. With over 80 thousand business customers, Banca IFIS Impresa is a bank that specialises in short term commercial credit (factoring), corporate banking (medium/long-term financing and structured finance) and leasing (operational and financial) to support small, medium and micro enterprises. Banca IFIS Impresa operates on both the Italian and international markets.