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IFIS NPL, finalized three new deals in September for € 1.26 billion.


Mestre (Venice, Italy), 21 September 2018 – In September, IFIS NPL acquired from UniCredit, Deutsche Bank Group and one of the leading Italian consumer credit companies three portfolios of distressed loans for a total of € 1.26 billion (nominal value) corresponding to more than 70,700 positions. All of them are receivables purchased on the Italian primary market. Below are details of the transactions:

– The most significant portfolio purchased by IFIS NPL is of an unsecured banking type and includes, amongst others, personal guarantees and mortgages of a degree higher than the first. The portfolio, of a nominal value of € 1.09 billion (more than 30,000 positions), was sold by UniCredit and is made up of receivables claimed from SMEs.

– The second purchase, of a nominal value of approximately € 155 million, is attributable to the primary banking market and consumer credit and was sold by the Deutsche Bank Group. The portfolio, which is made up for 78% of the nominal value of bank receivables and for the remaining 22% by impaired receivables deriving from credit cards, corresponds to more than 37,500 positions.

– The last purchase transaction regards a portfolio sold to IFIS NPL, on the primary market, consumer cluster, by one of the leading Italian consumer credit companies. The nominal value is approximately € 21 million (more than 3,250 positions), of which 75% are personal loans, 25% credit cards.

Following the purchases made, the proprietary portfolio of IFIS NPL amounts to more than € 14.7 billion (nominal value), for a total of more than 1.57 million positions.