Conclusion of the share buyback programme in support of the “2021-2023 LTI Plan” Update on the execution of the share buyback programme during the period 18-22 April 2022

Mestre (Venice), 26 April 2022 – Notice is hereby given that on 22 April 2022, the share buyback programme for Banca Ifis ordinary shares communicated to the market on 14 March 2022 and launched on 15 March 2022 ended, by virtue of the resolution of the Shareholders’ Meeting of Banca Ifis S.p.A. of 28 July 2021 and the authorisation issued by the Bank of Italy pursuant to Articles. 77 and 78 of Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 (“CRR”) and the applicable provisions of Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 241/2014, pursuant to which the purchase of treasury shares to service the “2021-2023 LTI Plan” was authorised for a number of Banca Ifis ordinary shares not exceeding 1.044.000 and for a maximum total value not exceeding Euro 20,9 million (the “Buy-Back Programme”). For purchases relating to the period between 18 April 2022 and 22 April 2022, Banca Ifis announces that it has carried out on a daily basis the purchase transactions of Banca Ifis ordinary shares (ISIN code IT0003188064) shown in aggregate form in the table below.   SUMMARY OF PURCHASE TRANSACTIONS FROM 18 APRIL 2022 TO 22 APRIL 2022


shares purchased

gross price

equivalent value



17,990777 €

449.769,4250 €



18,031914 €

522.925,5060 €



18,222200 €

814.532,3400 €



18,030001 €

315.200,4775 €

The purchases were carried out through the authorised intermediary, Intermonte Sim S.p.A.. Details of all purchase transactions made during the above period are attached.   With the purchases indicated above, the Buy-Back Programme of Banca Ifis was concluded. In execution of the Buy-Back Programme, Banca Ifis purchased a total of 1.044.000 shares – corresponding to the maximum number of treasury shares subject to the said authorisation by the Shareholders’ Meeting – equal to 1,940% of the share capital, for a total value of Eur 19.281.157,88.   Following the purchases made until 22 April 2022, considering the treasury shares already in portfolio, as of today Banca Ifis holds nr. 1.383.139 treasury shares equal to 2,570% of the share capital.   For more information about the Buy-Back Programme, refer to the press releases issued by Banca Ifis pursuant to the applicable regulatory provisions and available on the Bank’s website (www.bancaifis.it).