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Banca IFIS’s WebTV arrives!


The new tool that tells the story of the bank connected to the future
Mestre, 14 November 2012 – Banca IFIS, being the innovator that it is, has launched a new tool for web-users to stay up to date with all the activities that the Group’s various division s carries out:,.
The platform will have a dual purpose. Firstly, it will serve as a ‘display case’ for the collection of material concerning financial presentations, events in which the Group is involved and the promotion of new products linked to the bank.
Over time, it will become the Group’s official in-house learning Academy, always up to date and offering e-learning through video-lessons, tutorials, conventions and seminars for all the employees enrolled.
Banca IFIS’s webTV is just the latest step in the web-world taken by this bank who understands the enormous potential of the web in terms of developing relations with clients and fans.  It is also thanks to these social channels that the bank has been able to involve web-users in the co-creation of new products , in order to better decide upon the features of certain retail products, such as  rendimax Like and the crowd current account, contomax, currently being developed.